We just finished 2 weeks of sleep training our 4-month-old and Sharmayne was our consultant!

We were on the fence whether or not to do sleep training since Harper was always a decent sleeper. But I always felt like her sleep could be so much better and there is always room for improvement! So, we decided to take the plunge and do it and oh my gosh it is the best decision we ever made not only for Harper but for the whole family! We went from rocking her to sleep and/or feeding her to sleep and frequent night waking’s where we always had to put her soother back in her mouth to simply just setting her in her crib, saying goodnight and walking away! Without her soother!! Huge win! She now has one-night wake for a feed and naps throughout the day a minimum of an hour per nap! (Most days).

I used to dread naps and bedtime, but now I look forward to them! Not only because it gives me some me-time but I also feel good knowing that my baby is getting the sleep she needs to excel and be happy!

If we do hit a bump in the road, we now have a plan and the skills to deal with it and we know exactly what we are going to do! I have my life back and also me and my husband get to enjoy time together 🙂 I also enjoy my time with Harper more now because efficient sleep has helped to improve her mood! She is a happy little girl 🙂 and we are a happy family!

I can’t express how amazing Sharmayne was to work with! She was so understanding, encouraging, informative and so down to earth! I enjoyed every conversation we had and she always had a great answer for any question or obstacle I threw her way! She always made sure to explain things in a way that I could easily understand! You couldn’t meet a nicer person!

We have absolutely no regrets going forward with the sleep training, it’s been an amazing, extremely educational, positive experience! And you also get to see first hand how incredibly smart your little one is and it will blow your mind! They are amazing little creatures when they are given the opportunity to bloom!

If you are on the fence about sleep training, do it! Seriously you won’t regret it! Best money you will ever spend! You can’t put a price on the general well being of your family! And the skills you will acquire from doing this are lifelong skills that you can apply anytime!