Please describe your child’s sleep issues or why you contacted SleepWell Baby for help

Our two boys regularly fell asleep around 10:30 pm, sometimes 11 pm. We thought they were just night owls, like we are. We spent a lot of money on evening babysitting when we needed to meet deadlines. And even after the sitter left, it would take us about two hours to get the boys down to sleep. We often fell asleep next to them. This was actually the most expedient way to get them to sleep, but it was not how we wanted to spend the evening.

In addition, my younger one was so used to co-sleeping (since 6 months of age, which we chose to do because of medical issues), that if I left him after he fell asleep, he would often call me back every hour to help him get back to sleep. Dad was not able to comfort him either; it had to be Mom.

I had read a few sleep books but either 1) didn’t really know how to implement the ideas, 2) wasn’t really convinced they were going to work, 3) didn’t have the patience and commitment to go through with the strategies I’d read about, or 4) all of the above.

How did you find or hear about SleepWell Baby?

I saw someone’s re-post on facebook of an article posted by SleepWell Baby.

Please describe your first impressions of SleepWell Baby

Kelsey offered lots of specific strategies to get us off to a fresh start as a family, keeping in mind the level of understanding of our 2-year-old. It was helpful that she did not get our expectations up too high. She was very realistic, saying that, with certain things, the kids might take a few days to catch on, but to be consistent and they can and will develop these sleep skills.

She helped me to believe in their abilities and to encourage them in their learning process. I was never a fan of a cry-it-out method, and Kelsey’s plan was gentle but firm and structured. The first night, I was anxious about letting my younger son cry, so I waited the whole 15 minutes that I decided to let him cry before going in to comfort him. He ended up crying exactly 15 minutes. Then, he was quiet and asleep. He did it! I would never have known that he was able to do this, if I didn’t have Kelsey telling me what to expect, that I should give Teddy a chance, and that if it didn’t happen, here’s a strategy for what to do next.

I think it took us about 2 nights of a little crying at bedtime. And then, no crying. The boys took to the new schedule very easily. After that, Kelsey helped us to keep pulling ourselves out of the boys’ sleep associations, stay in control of the situation, and not give in to demands, so that the kids didn’t feel that they need us for sleep.

Please share your overall experience working with SleepWell Baby

In just a few days of implementation (two or three), our lives completely changed. The consultations were extremely effective, from the first long meeting, then getting the detailed plans, follow-up emails and phone calls — all of it was really well structured and effective. I learned a lot about children’s sleep in general, even though I thought I knew most of what there was to know.

I felt like I was taking a leap of faith and committed to the program because I was desperate. Thankfully, our sleep consultant was really knowledgeable and it seemed like the whole program was well structured. This worked for our family amazingly well, and I am still in a bit of disbelief at how easy it was to implement and how quickly it worked. It completely changed our lives in about two days’ time. I wish I had called when my older son was a baby. It would have been a very good investment, financially and for our family’s well being.

What results did you receive from working with one of our certified child sleep consultants?

Our older son always wanted a warm body next to him to fall asleep (from age 1 to 4 1/2), and I was wondering when he would grow out of it. He quickly took to the new structure and routine. It was like a new beginning, and I think the positive encouragement really helped. I think he felt empowered. He now embraces the routine and even leads some parts of it, and he goes to sleep on his own after getting tucked in.

Our younger son now sleeps in his crib (not in our bed), does not call me back to him every hour like he used to, he’s sleeping earlier (which means he’s getting the growth hormones he desperately needs for his medical issues), and he’s not drinking milk during the night. In addition, Teddy did not like to nap at home. He napped only at day care or in the stroller or car seat on weekends. He now goes through the routine and goes right to sleep in his crib on weekends. Never would have believed it possible!

My husband and I finally get to have the evening time together after putting the kids to bed, even if it’s just to work side by side. Two weeks ago, there was no evening time left after 11 pm when the kids were asleep!

I am still amazed at how different our lives are now. And while the program is two weeks, it all started changing after the first day or two. Talk about instant gratification!

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Thanks. You have a great program, and it’s more than a business–you’re really impacting people’s lives and well-being. That should help you sleep well at night! ????