My husband and I decided to look for help from a sleep consultant when we were having trouble with our little one’s naps and bedtime sleeps. A friend recommended Sleepwell Baby to us after hearing the problems we were having. Talking with the sleep consultant, together we created a sleep plan that suited us and our little one the best. In just a few days we were seeing great results and lots of improvement from before we started.

Since starting with Sleepwell Baby our little one is getting great night sleeps and having good long naps with little fuss and hassle. I found that just being able to talk with someone and explain where we were having troubles was a great help, and also to have some feedback on anything that I was concerned about.

For anyone who is having troubles, whether it be that you have purchased books and find that you are not getting the results (like myself) or you find that nothing is working or helping your little one to sleep through the night, or fighting naps, I would really recommend contacting Sleepwell Baby and setting up a time to talk with a sleep consultant. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who has been there, understands and is there to help.