I went back & forth on deciding to book a sleep consultant, finally on an exhausting day I thought it was worth a try. It was by far the BEST thing we could have done!!! Working with Sleepwell Baby and Teresa was amazing and so rewarding! I wanted to cancel before we even started but Teresa was a huge support and was by our side every step of the way. Teresa knew I was struggling with some post pardum anxiety plus a lack of sleep and she helped me get through it all! ┬áRight from birth Addison would fight sleep, at 18 months old she was going to bed at 10ish and waking up “multiple” times at night. Once Teresa put a plan in place Addison was ready and in record time we were SLEEPING!! She now sleeps 8pm till 7:30ish am!! It’s still surreal to me. Teresa helped me to realize what a gift I was giving Addison and how important sleep is!! Sleepwell baby & Teresa we can’t thank you enough!! This was amazing for Addison our happy beautiful girl, wonderful for our marriage and our family!! Getting sleep changes everything!!!