I just wanted to thank you for giving our family the gift of sleep.  This is truly the best money I have ever spent, and the best gift our family has ever given itself. Our nights were filled with 10-20 wakings and a lot of frustration. Our days were tired and unhappy.  We are now all sleeping very well and our family is in a much better place.  I never believed that sleep training actually worked.  I felt it was kind of an evil thing to do to a child, which led me to co-sleeping with both my children.  We knew it was time to make a change when life just got too difficult, due to lack of sleep and frustration day in and day out.  Friends of ours had used your company (with great success) and I finally gave in and emailed.  The program was very educational and that was the key to getting me to change my mind.  I never understood sleep cycles of a baby before our phone calls and I didn’t have the tools to make the change.  SleepWell gave us both, and it was so gentle and easy, it relieved the stress of doing this on our own.  Our son is now sleeping all night long and taking two naps a day with virtually no crying and he is just so much happier.  We can’t thank you enough!