My husband and I became first-time parents in January, and with me breastfeeding our son we decided that mom and baby co-sleeping (bed sharing) was the best way for us all to get a lot of sleep for the first few month of his life. He used to fall asleep in his swing or on the nursing pillow until I was ready to take him to bed with me; however, when he got a bit older and was unable to fall asleep just anywhere, we needed to make the transition to the crib. Because he was so used to sleeping beside the all-you-can-eat 24-hour mommy buffet, the crib transition was not a popular move! It also meant that naps wouldn’t happen unless I was lying with him the entire time. I felt stuck and in need of a break. My well-meaning husband committed himself to sleep training along with me, so long as I picked the method I wanted to use. The problem was, I found myself swimming in way too much information (barely treading water, really), overwhelmed, and constantly second guessing myself and whether my choices were the best ones for our baby. I had read way too many books, articles, and advice pages, and absolutely everyone had strong (and often contradictory) opinions on the matter. I was beyond overwhelmed! That’s when I went online to contact Sleep Well Baby.


My initial “15-minute” consultation phone call from Erin turned out to be 35 minutes; she was wonderful and gave so freely of her time. At the end of that phone call she assigned me to our sleep consultant Teresa Johnson. Teresa and I clicked immediately, and I will never forget our consultation phone call when, in my overwhelmed state, I said that I wished I had a crystal ball to know which method would work. Teresa responded calmly, “I AM that crystal ball.” I knew we were in good hands! She helped us through all of the questions and bumpy patches that we encountered, while also sincerely celebrating every success along the way. Teresa was the best thing to ever happen to our family’s sleep habits! We started sleep training our son when he was 5 months old, and now he is a happy and well-rested 7 month old who loves his crib and good restorative sleep. It was only a matter of a few days before we started seeing amazing results, and now we are so much more confident in making decisions regarding his sleep schedule. I have been enjoying time to work on my own projects while he naps, and when he goes to bed at night my husband and I have the entire evening to ourselves. My husband is now even recommending Sleep Well Baby to all of his co-workers and the new moms and dads he sees at the gym during his morning workouts. Signing up with Sleep Well Baby was life-changing to say the least!


(Side note: I meant to write this testimonial ages ago during one of his nap times, but I’ve been so busy with my own projects that I haven’t gotten around to it until now. All of this “me time” is one of the very welcome bonuses of having a good sleeper in our house! Thank you Teresa and Sleep Well Baby!)


One Year Update:


Thought I’d drop you a line to send you a couple pics of Reed. He is 17 (almost 18) months old now and he’s just a riot! We started with you in July 2016 – hard to believe it has been a full year now!

2 weeks ago he wore his “I Sleep Like a Champ” shirt and it made me laugh and think to email you. ? Last night he slept for 12 hours and 45 minutes so he lives up to the shirt!

We were just in Vegas last week (that’s where the swimming pic was taken) and he was a star. Traveled so well and slept great in his pack n play in the hotel bathroom with his fan and white noise on the iPad. We had a crazy travel day on the way home with delayed flights, not being able to land in Saskatoon due to a huge storm, being rerouted to Edmonton (after we had just flown from Calgary), etc. etc. Long story short, we ended up putting him to bed at 11:40pm and he slept in until 10am. Still happy, and took only a day to get back on track. THANK YOU SLEEP TRAINING.

You are still the best $420 we spent in Reed’s first year of life!