I will recommend Sleepwell Baby to anyone struggling with sleep for their little one. My little guy, Jackson, was napping fairly well, but was waking every TWO hours at night to nurse, among other difficulties. I was exhausted and at my witts end! A friend recommended Sleepwell Baby and it was worth Every. Single. Penny! 

I worked with specialist Alicia, and she was AMAZING! She was so responsive, effective and genuinely cared about helping Jackson figure out how to sleep through the night.

 After two weeks with Alicia, Jackson’s sleeping improved IMMENSELY! He was no longer nursing at night and if he woke in the night, he fell back to sleep in a matter of seconds… unassisted! I am so thankful for Sleepwell Baby, I don’t know how I would have returned to work on such a lack of sleep. 

 Thank you again for such a positive, successful experience! Lastly, to anyone out there thinking of doing this, DO IT; don’t miss out on anymore sleepless nights. If all the sleep consultants are as fantastic as Alicia, you will NOT be disappointed.