We approached Teresa when our baby was nearing 18 weeks. Although our little girl had been progressing quite steadily with her evening sleeps leading up to 15 weeks, the techniques we were using to help her fall asleep were seeing less and less results, and her sleep began to regress significantly. Fussy since the day she arrived, she was always a difficult napper, and our frustration (and exhaustion) began to mount.

We began to read more and more books, articles and blogs, as well as seeking advice from the numerous new parents in our lives (not to mention Aunts, Uncles and our own parents). The diversity in opinions we received was staggering, and our heads began to spin. We began to feel helpless, and panic set in. We needed a professional, and we needed one asap. Enter Teresa.

From the first few minutes of our consultation we felt comfortable, and incredibly relieved. We could now lean on someone to guide us, or as we called it, be our ‘sleep shrink’. Not only did she help us get our baby on track, she helped make us comfortable with the process, and educated us on the science behind baby sleep (which was much more complicated than we realized). Over the course of the next 2 weeks she walked us through our baby’s sleep plan day-by-day, setting our expectations, illustrating our successes, and calming us when we entered ‘crazy parent mode’. Our lives began to regain structure, and our baby became noticeably happier when awake, as she was beginning to get the rest she needed.

We can’t thank Teresa enough for helping us in one of the most heightened periods of a parent’s life, and for exhibiting patience fielding our many questions. If you’re having difficulty adjusting to sleepless nights, and feeling overwhelmed with your baby’s sleep habits (or lack thereof), we can’t recommend Teresa enough. It’s OK to ask for help, and you’ll be a happier family for having done so.