As a busy working family with three young children we came to Jessica looking for guidance and help with our youngest child who was waking all through the night and waking up very early in the morning over a prolonged period of time. We managed well enough with bedtime routines with two children, but definitely found that since our youngest was born we had become progressively more exhausted, which led to desperate choices on how to manage our family’s sleep. We knew we could read and endeavour to come up with our own approach based on education, but in the end with our busy life schedule, having a third party to report to and who could advise without bias was the best choice we could have made. Sleepwell Baby was a balanced approach to sleep training that took into consideration our comfort, attachment and knowledge of our daughter, alongside the science of sleep. Jessica was very organized and able to clearly set us up for success. She was always within reach if we needed to connect in the moment for advice on a sleep situation. In the end, we have a daughter who is consistently sleeping 11-12 hours straight through the night, who has a 15-20 minute bedtime routine and then soothes herself to sleep. We were very happy with the entire process and would recommend Jessica and Sleepwell Baby to any family struggling to find sanity and sleep for their entire family.