After a bumpy start with a premature baby, my husband and I struggled to get our baby to sleep independently. Part of it was our lack of confidence to sleep train him and another part was a baby who became reliant on mom’s cuddles to get to (and stay) asleep. Fast forward to 6 years later and we now had little boy who didn’t have the skills to fall asleep on his own, and even after he was asleep he would wake up in fear once he realized I had snuck away to my own bed. This led to musical beds throughout the night and we all dreaded night time for this reason.

I eventually came to realize how exhausted the whole household was and how my son struggled to sooth himself and was further showing signs of nighttime anxiety. I had heard of SleepWell Baby but felt embarrassed reaching out with a school aged child. My husband and I tried to make the transition from co-sleeping on our own, but we quickly found out we were in over our heads. Truthfully, we were just too exhausted to make clear decisions in the middle of the night.

Things changed almost instantly after our first call, and following our meeting with Amanda we were set up with the support and plan we needed. It’s been a few weeks and the change has been tremendous. Our son took to Amanda’s plan with stride and decreased resistance night by night; I think he was most surprised at his ability to sleep by himself. Overall, his confidence in other areas has improved – which was an unexpected bonus.

I can’t speak highly enough of our experience. I think our son summarizes it best as he described his sleep last night, “Mom, I didn’t just have a good sleep – it was terrific!”