I sit here and write this as my almost 5 month old actually naps! On her own, without me holding her! 

We contacted SleepWell to help with our little girl Logan’s naps. No naps combined with waking several times a night made for a very irritable little girl and a very exhausted Mom and Dad. 

We had tried several different sleep training techniques, but nothing seemed to work. Barbara, our sleep consultant, gave us some tweaks to what we were already trying and within 3 days Logan was napping on her own and only waking 1-2 times a night.

Not only was I rested, but Logan was such a happier baby. I actually enjoyed spending time with her! 

Barbara was so patient and encouraging. I would anxiously wait for her email every morning. I can’t thank her and SleepWell enough for the changes in our little girl. Mommy got her time and happy baby back!