Dear moms, I encourage you to take the 5 minutes a day you deserve to read this, especially if you are sleep deprived.

I was a very stubborn and opinionated childless woman. Entering into motherhood really opened my eyes. I now feel more exhausted, and somehow more patient at the same time. I have learned that I will have to let somethings go, but am humbled to still be me under this new mom but I seem to be wearing a lot these days. If I have to choose between sleep and doing my hair, my choice will always be sleep. Funny how precious sleep becomes when you enter motherhood. I had heard so many stories of how extremely exhausting it was, but you truly can’t understand until you are living it. I thought I would never see the light at the end of the tunnel until I heard of Sleepwell Baby. I can assure you the stubborn side of me somewhat hesitated to reach out for help, but again sleep deprivation changes one’s mind in a hurry. I will never regret my decision to get help for sleeping my child, and I fully respect those who don’t believe in it. I have come to terms with the fact that not all I do as a mother will be approved by everyone.

I can pinpoint the exact moment I reached out to a consultant. I was laying on the couch, holding back tears, and praying I might fall asleep for even a minute while my more than fussy baby slept. In my particular case, I am a first-time mom with a colic baby, who is also struggling with reflux. I am not trying to complain as though my life was any worse or better than any other mom, simply painting you a picture.

I picked up my phone in desperation and messaged a consultant to get started. My baby at the time was 7 weeks old. I heard a few times my baby was too young and I was wasting my time, but I can assure you that was not the case.

I started with the A-Zzz’s package at 9 weeks and planned to follow through with the second part of my package as my child got older. For anyone who is really having a hard time, and if you are a first-time mom I would highly recommend doing this package. I learned so many essential building blocks to move forward with the second part of my Sleepwell training that my success was unbelievable. My child slept through the night on night number two. Although I didn’t have complete consistency with nights slept through in a row, over a span of a couple weeks, and with patience I did.

My child is now sleeping through the night consistently and I am living again. I know that everyone sits at home and has their days when they are hormonal and tired. I know you think there is no way to correct your babies sleeping habits, but that is completely false.

I had lots of family input both supportive and not. I heard all sorts of things. Including you were never sleep trained, and you are fine. They also continued to tell me how tired they were, and how co-sleeping was what everyone did. After seeing my results with Sleepwell I have heard only supportive things from them. I am reminding new moms that many opinions will be shared by family and non-family persons, and they aren’t always helpful. The stubborn side of me that stuck with my Sleepwell plan felt very content with my decision, and I was glad to have changed the minds of many stubborn inputs.

I was able to do the program basically by myself. I have a very busy husband and he wasn’t able to always participate. He can now put our child to sleep with no issues because of the program. Not only that but our child can sleep anywhere for anyone. Travelling is a breeze, as are visits to Grandmas house.

I want to empower those who feel like there is no end in sight. I also want you to know that you can do this on your own. This is one of the many times in your life you are going to have to be dedicated to teach your child something new. They weren’t born able to put themselves to sleep, nor are they born able to walk. Each day you are constantly teaching your child, and your dedication will pay off. Sleep will heal the body, mind, and soul of both you and your child.

Cheers to all who embark on this journey it is so worth it in so many ways. Here’s to many more sleep filled nights. ❤