When I contacted SleepWell, we were at our lowest point, sleep deprived and completely lost. Our seven month old daughter had completely stopped sleeping – literally. We watched our happy baby turn into an irritable, overtired, miserable baby and it was heartbreaking. 

Teresa came and did an in home consultation, I instantly felt a connection to her. We sat and chatted and she allowed me to vent about our sleep issues. She didn’t just tell us what to do, she helped us understand why sleep was important and explained the science of baby sleep.

She developed a plan that we were comfortable with. She listened to my concerns but reassured me that with her support we would be successful and I would gain confidence that my baby would sleep. Low and behold; my baby did sleep! Literally, after one night of putting our sleep plan into play, she started sleeping through the night and napping. We put her into her crib awake and with no soother and within a few minutes she would sleep.

Teresa has helped us change our lives. My husband and I now have time in the evening together. We can go out in the evening with full confidence that grandparents can put our baby to sleep. Our baby is now happy and exploring.  Most importantly, Teresa taught us how to teach our baby the important skill of sleep, for that, we will forever be grateful.