Our daughter, Aubrey, is a very well rested, happy 4 and a half month old, thanks to Alicia Dedora and SleepwellBaby. We began the sleep training process to help our daughter learn the sleep skills she needed as well as to improve my own mental health as a new mom. As a resident physician, I knew becoming a parent was going to be a challenge, however, I did not expect to have a child that didn’t like to take naps and would cry for an hour or more while being rocked to sleep.

The first 3 months of Aubrey’s life were full of me in despair and anxiousness over her inability to fall asleep easily and stay asleep for a good quality nap. Her nighttime sleep was initially predictable as a newborn, waking for feeds every 2-3 hours and then into the infant phase, sleeping for longer 4-5 hour stretches. However, around 3 months, Aubrey’s night sleep regressed and she was waking frequently, sometimes hourly or more often. She developed a reliance on us to get to sleep, but she would wake up easily once set down, and my ability to cope started to deteriorate. We sank into a vicious cycle of poor sleep, which created an overtired baby, which led to long fits of crying and poor feeding.

happy baby after sleep consulting program

I finally called Alicia to assist with sleep training when I knew what I was doing wasn’t sustainable for our family. Even though the first 2 nights were difficult, we still were able to get more sleep than we had been getting for the past several weeks. After the first sleep trained night, Aubrey was able to get herself to sleep for a nap within 15 minutes. By the end of the week, Aubrey rarely had any crying at all before falling asleep in minutes.

Clay and I love going into her room in the morning now to get her up from the crib, as she meets us with the most amazing smile and is filled with so much joy and excitement. We are currently down to one feed each night and Aubrey is doing well. I look forward to getting up in the night with her as we both have had a good amount of sleep prior to the feed and she easily settles back to sleep following.

There have been a few off days where Aubrey doesn’t nap as well or has a longer wake up at night, however, I felt supported by Alicia and was able to talk through these challenges with her. I feel like I have the tools now to manage interruptions in our schedule and ensure Aubrey continues to get the sleep she needs to grow and develop well. The program has allowed us to understand the science of sleep and better set up our days to promote healthy sleep habits for Aubrey. We have taken a few day trips for Christmas shopping and each time Aubrey has done better than the last one. Napping well while on the go is helpful for our busy schedule and she has the sleep skills to accomplish this now.

Moving forward I feel better equipped as a new mom with more sleep and so much less anxiety about Aubrey getting enough sleep. Clay and I feel like our relationship is stronger now because we are both getting adequate sleep along with Aubrey! We are so grateful for Alicia and the SleepwellBaby program!