Archer has never slept well. Right from being a baby he was colicky and would scream all the time. I’m sure that lead to not creating proper sleep habits. His sister Vera, has always been a good sleeper. We came to our breaking point after Archer turned 4, and was still waking every 2-3 hours after midnight. His little sister Vera was sleeping better than him. And that is how we knew something wasn’t normal. We were exhausted. Eric and I hadn’t slept through the night in over 4 years. It was time for some help.

I reached out to Sleepwell Baby after an awful night. The tension was high in our house, and it was time for a change. After a quick talk with Sharmayne, and a surprisingly quick talk with Eric
we were in! Our family NEEDED to do this.


baby archer sleepwell baby testimonial - Our Baby Started Sleeping Through the Night on Night One... We Couldn't Believe It!

Sharmayne was amazing. She did a FaceTime call with us for 90 minutes and helped us come up with a plan. After the call, we had a couple reservations, and she was quick to alter the plan so
we were 100% comfortable with everything.

Archer started sleeping through the night on NIGHT ONE. We couldn’t believe it. We kept waiting and thought, “He’s going to wake up soon. He always does.”  And he didn’t. In the last two weeks, Archer has slept through the night 11 of 14 nights. And the nights he did wake up were from nightmares. We have our sleep back, and our sanity. I’m SO thankful for everything Sharmayne did for us. And I would highly recommend her!!!

Danielle & Eric Bellamy