Sleepwell Baby first came into our lives in the fall of 2012. As new parents we really did not know what a good sleeping baby really even was. However we knew none of us were getting enough sleep as our daughter (Mady) was sleeping with us in our bed every night. Nobody ever talks & visits about kids sleep routines & habits so we didn’t know what the norm even was. Our life is quite fast paced so Mady just adapted to that and we thought the lack of sleep with a baby was just normal even though it didn’t feel good. Once we finished up harvest on our farm I was exhausted from the long days and sleeping each night with a baby. So I did some research and found SleepWell Baby on facebook. I got some great tips from them to get Mady into her own bed & room. Our lives changed! We lucked out and her transition was very easy and we did it ourselves using the tips we got from their site and a quick call-in. 

This past summer (2014) I was expecting our son Barrett and I knew we could not make the mistakes we did with Mady as a newborn. I hosted a SleepWell Slumber Party at our house with a great group of Mom friends. The tips I got from Alysa that morning were so awesome! My husband and I made a sleep plan using the techniques & tips I learned at the Slumber Party for when our baby would arrive. 

Barrett was born and had some health issues resulting in a rough couple months at the start. This emotionally led us away from our sleep plan and sleep was almost none existent for myself and not enough for Barrett either. After Barrett was healthy we could not break the bad habits that we endured when he was a newborn (sleeping in a chair, multiple feeds at night, numerous short naps all day long, and being cuddled to sleep) My husband and I knew our emotions from having an unhealthy newborn would not allow us to get on track by ourselves. So when Barrett was 9 months old I called Alysa and we started a SOS package right away. Alysa had already helped us so much at the Slumber Party but I knew we needed her fully on board and to give us a specific plan that we could follow each and everyday. She was beyond amazing. The sleep plan was based around what Barrett’s needs were, what our needs were at home & away from home on a schedule that we could physically make work. In 2 weeks we went from a baby that fed 2-3 times per night and did not nap for more than 20min. at a time to a baby that was going to bed at a good time, sleeping through the night, and having 2 solid naps a day for us and the babysitter. 

We thank Alysa so very much for being the 3rd voice we needed to ensure us that everything would go well, answering our questions, and making such an efficient easy sleep plan to follow. Thanks Alysa!!