We met Jessica at a small fair here in our town geared towards families. Our son was just over four months old at the time, and we were in a stretch of him waking up hourly in the night to nurse. He would also only nap with a soother, and it was always a fight. Knowing what we know now, the fight was because he hadn’t had enough awake time before I thought he should be taking a nap.

We picked the SOS plan. My husband was in our spare room, while me and our son bed-shared, with wakings every hour. I had to go to bed every night when we put the baby to bed. Our time together since he was born had dwindled to an hour or two tops.

I was exhausted every day, sleeping until noon, as both baby and I had been up countless times in the night.

The first week was tough, on all of us. We didn’t think we’d be able to continue, but Jessica kept positively reinforcing that it was going to get easier. She was there for me anytime I had a question, a concern, or just to talk something out with. I look back and think, how did we ever live our life the way we did before Jessica stepped in and helped us?

We are happier as a family, and our son is getting the sleep he needs, because Jessica taught us how to watch for sleep cues, how to know when he should be sleeping, and for how long. He sleeps in his own crib, is in bed by 7p.m. every night, and is overall a happier, healthier, amazing little boy.

We have knowledge to help us get through the next few years, and I couldn’t be happier, all thanks to Jessica.