Nichole is a sanity saviour! When I spoke to Nichole I was mentally, physically and emotional done. My son had been an amazing sleeper, until the 4 month regression hit, thinking he would bounce back from it I went through sleepless nights hoping the next night would get better…. it didn’t!

After my 15 minute consult with Nichole I was sold! I didn’t care the cost or time involved, I NEEDED her!! I loved the fact that I could pick my approach to sleep training, and that she listened to my concerns and helped develop goals to reach by the end of my time with her. She sent me the plan and we were off, my husband and I were both optimistic that we could get our son sleeping, but we both had to be on board, and we were! Sleep was something we were both missing! Within a week our son had gone from being up every 1-1.5 hours to him sleeping from 6:30-2:30! (I opted to continue to nurse him at this time with the future goal of being able to push that feed off when I was ready to.) I would nurse him and he would be back to bed and asleep by 3:00 and would sleep until 7:00-7:30!

Sanity restored! Yes we did have a few bad night but having Nichole there to support us made a world of difference. Part way through our sleep training my son threw a kink and decided it was time to roll over and sleep on his stomach…but couldn’t figure out what to do when got there! He would cry and we would sit there wondering what do we do? Do we flip him over? Do we leave him? What’s the right thing to do? Nichole was quick to respond and provide us with suggestions and reassure us of our sons sleeping abilities.

At the end of our time together I was sad to know that I wouldn’t be talking to Nichole on a regular basis! She is an amazing consultant and you are made to feel like a friend and not just a client!

I can honestly say for any parent who is on the fence about if the money is worth it, trust me it is! You can’t put a price on a restful night!

Ashlee, Mitchell & Harrison