Calling Sharmayne was one of the most helpful things we could have done for our daughter Zuri and our family. Not only was she extremely friendly, funny and easy to relate to, she made the decision to hire her easy after speaking to her initially on the phone. Sharmayne helped us dial in on the areas of sleep that our daughter needed most and made sure the plan fit with our parenting style and our comfort levels perfectly. She gave us the skills we needed to help our daughter develop important sleep skills and the confidence to carry them out. Knowing that we were doing the right things and having the support to fall back on during this time was absolutely amazing. We had spent far too much time wondering if what we were doing before meeting Sharmayne was going to work for Zuri and our family. Within a week there was noticeable differences in Zuri’s sleep and she was sleeping far longer periods of time at once. Zuri now falls asleep without a fuss on her own and can put herself back to sleep easily if she wakes at night. It is invaluable for us to know that she is a happier, healthier baby because she is getting restful sleep. Having Sharmayne help us has allowed my husband and I much more quality time together in the evening and allowed us to comfortably leave her with a sitter as she will go to sleep for anyone. It has also made Zuri’s days and nights that much more pleasant for her too as she knows naps and bedtime are no big deal and she seems to enjoy her sleeps. 
The experience with Sharmayne has been outstanding,  I couldn’t recommend a kinder, more professional person. She even came to our home after our session was complete to meet Zuri and spend some quality time with her, which truly speaks to her character. She will be an asset to any family!! Thank you Sharmayne for making our house that much more peaceful and smiley!
Pete, Kelsey and Zuri