We want to thank Sharmayne and SleepWell Baby for everything they have done for our family. We are so grateful. Our 3.5 month old little girl was completely prop dependant in order to sleep. She required being tightly swaddled, soother and being in the swing while moving in order to nap or night sleep. She would wake up every time the soother would fall out of her mouth so i was putting it back in her mouth 2 or 3 times per nap and 6 times per night.

None of us were getting good quality sleep, so a friend of mine referred me to SleepWell Baby and we got to work with Sharmayne who completely turned our life around.  We took away all the props and on night one she actually slept in her own crib with no soother and unswaddled and has ever since.

She is now sleeping 12 hours a night and having decent naps. Everybody is now having good quality sleep and we owe it all to Sharmayne.

I would recommend them to anyone dealing with sleep issues with their children. Best money we have ever spent!