I heard about SleepWell Baby from a friend. I had a 3 year old that had never slept through the night an I had contacted SleepWell and got in touch with Amanda, we had such unbelievable results that I knew when I had my second child I would be contacting Amanda again.    I was due to have my baby immediately upon  finishing the SOS program with my older daughter.  I counted the days waiting for my baby to be old enough so I could work with Amanda to get my baby sleeping.  My baby would only nap 20 minutes an sometimes only 2 times a day.  I had to sleep with her and feed her constantly through the night to keep her sleeping.  I had full confidence Amanda would get me the help we needed!

I am happy to report we have excellent results once again my daughter now naps every 1.75 hours an the naps last 1 hour.   She  goes to sleep on her own, she gets all excited when we start the nap, or bedtime routine because she knows she will soon get to sleep.  She is in her crib 12 hours each night sleeping on her own with scheduled feedings in the night.  I can never say enough about how Amanda has changed our lives, gave us the confidence and taught us the skills we needed to help get our children sleeping!