My husband and I knew that we needed to ask for help when our eight-month-old daughter, Collyns, was up six times in one night and 2 of the wakes she was up for 2 hours each.  I have never been good at asking for help, but I knew that the lack of sleep I was experiencing was affecting my relationships with my husband and three-year-old son.  Connecting with Alicia was the best move we ever made!  Not only did she help me teach Collyns the sleep skills that she will keep for her entire life, but Alicia also knew exactly when to give me support and when to push me to try something new and that WORKED!  Alicia has a fantastic demeanor and truly wants you and your baby to succeed.  She was so easy to connect with and never made me feel like I was failing or not doing good enough.  She let me approach helping Collyns in my own way and developed a program that fit our life.  Alicia has given me my relationships with my husband and son back and has taught Collyns essential skills for a healthy life.  Thank you, Alicia! I will never be able to truly express the gratitude my husband and I feel for the time and attention you gave us so that we could be our best selves and give Collyns and Walker when they need!