Before contacting SleepWell, my husband and I felt desperate. My one-year-old son had been waking up several times each night and we were seriously sleep-deprived. I tried to improve my son’s sleep habits through reading books, but only made the problem worse. I was due to return to work soon and I did not know how I would function each day.

We heard about SleepWell through friends who had used the service. I checked out the website and called the phone number provided. Right from the start, it was clear I was talking to professionals with empathy and knowledge. My husband and I were matched with our Sleep Consultant, Lindsay, who began our work together with a thorough evaluation of our situation. It felt so good to talk to someone who understood our situation and could offer suggestions that were helpful to us! Instead of reading books that often seemed to provide conflicting advice, I had a real person I could talk to that would be with me each step of the way.

In general, I do not believe in quick fixes but we began to see positive results very soon. Using the methods Lindsay described, my son began sleeping through the night. It really helped that Lindsay was so accessible through phone and email to answer any questions and provide feedback. Soon, my son’s naps were becoming regular. After two weeks, my son was sleeping through the night and naps were reliable. What a change!

I cannot tell you how much all of this meant to my family. Because we are sleeping better, our health has greatly improved. Even if the day is challenging, I feel I have a capacity to handle it because I have the ability to get a decent sleep. I am a better person, mom and wife. And my one-year-old is getting the rest he needs.

What I would say to a family experiencing sleep difficulties is that it is worthwhile exploring the help that SleepWell can provide. It is wonderful to have someone you can talk to, who gets to know your individual situation and can provide expert advice with empathy. Sleep deprivation takes such a toll… You don’t have to live with it.