Before working with Audrey, we had reached a new level of exhaustion and knew we had to do something.  We were spending hours every night just getting our boys to fall asleep.  Our 2-1/2-year-old had hardly ever slept through the night and would wake up every night and sleep in our bed. Our 10-month-old was starting to wake up four times every night and was breastfeeding every time just to get him back to sleep as quick as possible. We were really nervous about getting the sleep help.  We felt like we had tried everything.  It was a big financial investment for us, and my husband was extremely skeptical that it would work.

We decided to tackle both boys at the same time and prepared ourselves for the worst.  The first night was a little rough, and both boys woke up several times, but we knew we had to stick to the plan. On the second night, both boys slept through the night in their own beds. Since they are still little, there are occasions where we have to go in during the night and comfort them, but they have slept in their own beds all night every night since we started sleep training. Our bedtime and naptime routines are quick, and they are able to fall asleep on their own with rarely any crying.

We are so thankful to have had the chance to connect with Audrey and work through our sleep troubles with her. Her advice and sleep plans gave us exactly what we needed to get the boys to sleep, but it also helped give us confidence and consistency in setting sleep rules. Our house has a new sense of peace and calm that was missing when everyone was exhausted. We have more time together in the evenings, and that time was really missing from our marriage.

We were worried that after our “official” time with Audrey ended that sleeping would fall apart again, but it hasn’t. We have already had a week where both boys were sick and we were able to keep on track. They got the sleep they needed to recover quickly.  We got the tools we needed to keep them sleeping well even when our schedule or routine changes. Overall, we are so happy we worked with Audrey and it was worth the investment for our boys, for us and for our family as a whole.

Thanks again for working with us! It really has been an amazing transformation.