When we became parents in January, it didn’t cross our minds that it was up to us to teach our child good sleep habits. We did what many parents do and did anything we could to help our baby fall asleep; rocking, soother, co-sleeping, snuggling, you name it, we did it. At 4 months old Louie began waking every 1.5 hours, we were totally exhausted and definitely not feeling like ourselves, but kept going through the motions. 
When Louie was 5.5 months I contacted Sharmayne, who had been recommended to me by several friends. Speaking to her for the first time was like talking to a friend. She was so easy to talk to, listened carefully to our story and clearly explained what was happening with Louie’s sleep patterns and what our options were. I instantly knew this would be a great investment. She then took the time to come to our house to meet us, talk about why sleep is so important and spoke about the process in person, which made me feel so comfortable. She also taught us how to handle sleep regressions, teething and other situations that may disrupt sleep. 
Within the first few days of teaching Louie to sleep on his own, he was having long, restorative naps, falling asleep without props and sleeping for 10-12 hours at night. 
Sleepwell was one of the best investments we’ve made and we recommend Sharmayne and Sleepwell to all of our friends who have kids!!