Sleepwell Baby was the best money we ever spent. We thought we tried everything to get our little guy to sleep.

Our son was a great sleeper in the beginning but when he turned one it all went downhill. We were only getting 2 hours of sleep at a time. We were exhausted so we began co-sleeping in hopes that we would all sleep better but that did not work at all. My husband and I were exhausted and living in a fog. So I did the 15-minute consult with Sleepwell baby and I was a bit skeptical but we were desperate to try.

Sharmayne came to our place and we made a plan. Sharmayne was very helpful and always answered our questions. She gave us many ideas and when we needed help she was always around to help us either through email or phone.

We are so happy we used Sleepwell baby. We areĀ all getting a full nights rest. Our son sleeps 12-13 hours every night and is now napping for us every day.

We really noticed a change in his mood, he is much happier and doesn’t have so many meltdowns. He used to dread bedtime and so did we, but now he asks to get ready for bed.

We never believed Sharmayne when she said that eventually bedtime will be a fun experience. Sleepwell Baby helped our son and gave my husband and I our evenings and sleep back.