We could not be more pleased with the help and service we received from our Sleepwell Baby trainer.

Our 7-month-old Max went from waking frequently throughout the night, feeding 1-2 times per night to sleeping 11-12 hours straight by our 2nd night of sleep training and has been sleeping through the night ever since. He was also terrible at naps, needing to be held or if put in the crib would only last 20-30 minutes. By our 2nd week of sleep training, he is sleeping in his crib for at least an hour for both morning and afternoon naps. This has been life-changing for us!


baby max sleepwell baby testimonial - this has been life-changing for us

We really appreciated the education we received about the science behind their recommendations. When you can understand the “why” you do something, helps to better implement and troubleshoot.

Our sleep trainer Sharmayne was amazing to deal with. She was very accommodating, helpful and quick to respond. I would highly recommend this service. I would advise that you definitely need to be ready and be prepared to stay consistent for it to work. Good luck!