SleepWell baby was life changing for our family. Prior to contacting SleepWell baby our 10 month old son was not sleeping through the night and would only nap in the car or swing. Within days of working with our sleep consultant he was sleeping through the night and having scheduled naps in his crib.  The changes in our baby are amazing. He is a different baby all around. He really looks and acts rested and it seems like he enjoys his sleep now where before it was such a frustrating process for all of us. That alone made every hard moment worth it for us. Plus I feel I am a different mom now because I feel rested as well and I have much more energy. I wouldn’t say the process was easy, but I would say the end result was so worth every hard moment!  We are all finally getting the sleep we so desperately needed! SleepWell baby was the best investment we made for our family.