“Teresa did it again! She saved us and gave me my sanity back! I met Teresa back in 2014 when she helped us with our then seven month old daughter. Since then my husband and I had enjoyed our evenings together and more importantly; I had a very well slept two year old! Fast forward to February 2017, we had our second daughter and with that came the expected newborn sleep survival period. In the first three months we did what had to be done to get sleep; rocking, car rides, etc. At 14 weeks she needed car rides to fall asleep, I had to rock her in a dark room for a long time for naps; our baby wasn’t getting the sleep she needed and neither were we. I contacted Teresa and she helped us teach our baby how to deal a sleep independently and stay asleep! After ONE night my baby started falling asleep without any sleep props and sleeping 12 hours! She naps three times a day and is so well slept! We cannot thank her enough!”