Teresa helped me get my “life” back!!!

For any doubters out there please read on….and for those of you who haven’t fully decide or feel “it seems like a lot of money to do something so simple” read on….

My baby started his life right from the start on “his terms”. He arrived over a month early and had complications breathing. Because of this I become not only the nervous first time mom, but the mom that was worried I needed to have him close to me so I could hear him breathing. Add nursing to the mix and I had my little “co-sleeper”. I wouldn’t change what we did at all, as his cuddles and having him close by was great! We also travel a lot, so not having to worry where he slept helped us out! But going to bed at 8-8:30 with him and me becoming his “24 hour buffet” lying next to he was getting a little too much! This is where my sleep journey started! I thought, this can’t be that bad training my baby to sleep on my own-WRONG!! This is where my amazing consultant Teresa came into our lives-and it was the BEST investment we have made! Right from meeting her I knew I had met someone who cared about helping us and joined us in this journey to get my baby to LOVE to sleep! I was so skeptical being that we not only co-slept but my baby was in a new environment, a crib he had never been in, no more mom heart beat or constant feeds, etc. I also had some issues with my supply so I when she told me “we will have him on a one night time feeding schedule” I literally thought she was crazy….well this amazing woman has proved me wrong many times over! Within the first few nights my baby was no longer crying when put down, knew as soon as his sleep sack went on what it meant, was only waking up for one feeding, and getting himself back to sleep on his own. We are now on week 3 and he no longer has a night feeding (less than 6 months old, NO NIGHT FEEDINGS!!!) and has been sleeping a minimum of 11.5 hours a night!! On top of this he has great naps during the day. We both are so much happier, well rested and mom and dad actually have “us time” again. When I thought this time was no longer possible, again proven wrong, that it was not only possible but happened within a week of meeting Teresa. I decided to do this training while my husband was away (working out of Province for work). And without the constant encouragement and support of Teresa this wouldn’t have been possible. She was not only positive, but so knowledgeable and encouraging. She had an answer for any “bumps” we had along the way. She also taught us things we would never think about sleep and the importance of it! Anyone who gets the chance to work with Teresa is so lucky! She is the best at what she does, and I encourage all parents to invest in Sleep Well Baby, especially if you get Teresa as your consultant! I will not say it is easy, but if you are willing to listen to your consultant and put in the work you’re expecting your baby to put in, it will work!! Thank you again for helping me give my baby and I the most incredible gift, sleep!

From a well-rested mom!