The hardest part of being new parents for us was Hayden’s sleep.

At our lowest point he was awake hourly, typically 7-8 times a night. Greig was head bobbing at work trying to stay awake and face the day. I, Angela was frustrated without a daytime sleep schedule. Not knowing when or if he’d nap made making plans difficult and left us exhausted and feeling isolated and helpless. Greig believed we were lost causes and that there was no way anyone could fix this.

After meeting with Sharmayne and Sleepwell Baby, we decided to give it a try. The science of sleep made sense to us and the idea we could help empower Hayden to learn this skill on his own was intriguing.


baby hayden sleepwell baby testimonial - thank you for giving us our lives back

Within a week his habits had changed to where we had him sleeping 12 hours straight with just 1 wake up. In fact, a couple of nights he slept 9-10 hours straight. One day after putting him to bed we even cracked a bottle of wine.

We truly appreciated our consultant; Sharmayne’s willingness to support and even go the extra mile with some additional troubleshooting after the process was complete when it was needed.

Thank you Sleepwell Baby for giving us our lives back!