When I first heard of Sleepwell Baby I began following them on Facebook reading the tips they offered, keeping them in mind if I ever needed them.

When our son Kipton turned 8 months old and was still often waking up in the night for a feed. I knew we needed him to start sleeping through the night for his sake and ours. He was never a terrible sleeper but it was time to kick the middle of the night feed and get more of a schedule for naps.

This is when we contacted Sharmayne, she was FABULOUS!!!  She came and met with Orrin, Kipton and I in our home reassuring us that Kipton would be sleeping through the night in no time! She was RIGHT!!



Sharmayne sat down with us planning and explained everything that needed to happen for Kipton to get a full restful night of sleep. She gave us some tips and suggestions to ensure we had full success. We received our sleep plan that same evening and started right away.

The first couple nights were tough, but once we got past those Kipton has been sleeping through the night since. Sharmayne was always quick to answer any questions or concerns we had throughout the process and we received many phone calls and emails checking in seeing how we were all doing.

Her passion and knowledge for Sleepwell is phenomenal!! Thank You Sharmayne for everything you have done to make our home a restful one!