We were taken by storm when we had our baby 6months ago. My babe cried any time I put her down and rocking to sleep was ineffective and exhausting. Nursing and cosleeping was the easiest and most natural choice for our family and it worked well for us at first. By the end of the third month all the way through until the fifth month it became much less effective. I would lie with my baby throughout her naps, which only lasted a maximum 30min and she would wake frequently at night, needing to feed, a diaper change (a couple nights up to 8 diapers!) or just to babble, flap her arms and kick her legs. It was driving both my husband and I insane.

Throughout our experiences with a restless babe, I asked questions and poked around Facebook mom groups. Alyssa saw a question I posted and offered her services to me during her practicum with Sleep Well Baby. We had a week long trip to see family coming up and I couldn’t imagine having to lie with my baby multiple times a day and going to bed early with her while trying to visit a bunch of loved ones. So I decided that it was time and took Alyssa’s offer a shot.

I was nervous about the lengthy crying (and whether it would even work), but Alyssa was extremely supportive, made me feel well prepared and was available for all of my ten million questions. The biggest thing that reassured me was that my baby’s cries were purposeful and she was learning how to fall asleep all on her own.

The first night, baby cried 45 minutes. That sounds like a lot, but my husband and I expected it to last the entire night. We realized that her white noise was just a tad low and she fell asleep within minutes of turning it up.

Every night after, baby fell asleep quicker and woke less and her naps would get more and more solid. Now, at one month after starting Sleep Well Baby and 6 months old, my babe sleeps from 6pm until 7am with two solid naps in the day. She doesn’t need a single diaper change through the night and I now know what a well rested baby looks like. I thought that I was saving my baby’s tears by continuing to nurse her to sleep, but once we sleep trained it’s like I have a whole new baby and everyone can’t get enough of how happy she always is.

One of the best moments was after a week of sleep training, I went to an event in the evening. Everyone was so disappointed that I didn’t bring baby, but I couldn’t help but feel that I was bragging to say she was home with dad and sleeping quietly!

My husband and I feel like a couple again, and I certainly feel like an individual for once! I can cook and clean and do things on my own and babe’s naps are just long enough that I start to miss her before she wakes up (and she wakes up happily!) We all sleep through the night now and I wasn’t sure when that would ever happen.

Thank you to my consultant Alyssa for walking me through the first biggest milestone in my baby’s life. I can’t recommend enough what a worthwhile investment sleep is!

Kaitlyn Wall