We contacted Sleep Baby when William was 2 months old. He had never been a good sleeper, and after 8 weeks of getting up every 1-2 hours, my husband and I were beyond exhausted. As a new mom, I spent many of my late night/early morning feedings looking up “sleep tips” online, desperate to find something to help us, and came across the Sleep Baby website.

Although William was too young to begin “sleep training,” Teresa helped us begin setting him up with good sleep habits. At the time, William was sleeping in his crib at night but getting up 5-6 times. His naps were sporadic, and usually in our arms during the day, or in his car seat when we were out. His naps ranged from 10-40 minutes, and his bedtime was between 10-11pm; needless to say, I was exhausted by the end of the day, and felt like I never had time to do anything else. Teresa taught us about a baby’s sleep cycle, gave us strategies and tips for nap time and bedtime, and sent us a plan the following day. Concerned about “doing it right,” we sent Teresa e-mails almost daily, and were always met with positive feedback, moral support and reassurance. Within a few days, we started noticing improvements, and within two weeks, William was napping in his crib 3-5/day for 30min-2hours. We still hit a few bumps along the way, more specifically at night, but my husband and I were now getting 3-4 hour stretches.

After about 6 weeks, we began a more structured sleep plan. Our biggest concern was putting William down awake for both naps and bedtime; we didn’t think it was possible since we had been rocking him to sleep since the day we brought him home! However, because he had learned good sleep habits, the transition was flawless, and after the first day he was going to sleep on his own! Now, William is in bed by 7:30pm and only gets up once for a feed. My husband and I finally have our evenings back and can actually enjoy our supper together….while it’s still hot! Obviously, some nights are better than others, but hey, we all have off nights, right? We learned so much throughout this process, but it is the confidence that we gained as parents that made the biggest difference. We are ever so appreciative and grateful for Teresa, and the entire Sleep Baby team.