I don’t even know where to begin when describing how great Sharmayne is.  The help she provided for me and my family was life-changing.

My daughter Abby was initially a great sleeper, sleeping 8-9 hours straight from 3 weeks to 4 months old.  Then she began waking 4-12 times a night & would only fall asleep when nursing and she only napped if I held her. I was frustrated, constantly grumpy and exhausted.  When Abby was 5 ½ months a friend referred me to Sharmayne and we were able to start training within a few days. The first night was the hardest, Abby did cry & it took her 45 minutes to fall asleep.  On night 2 it took her 30 minutes, night 3 was 10 minutes, and by night 4 she was falling asleep in 3 minutes all on her own! By the end of the 2 weeks with Sharmayne, Abby was sleeping 11-12 hours STRAIGHT with 2 daytime naps of 1 hour or longer.

Everyone in our house was suddenly getting sleep and it was amazing.  My daughter was overall a happier baby, I was happier, my husband was happier that I was happier, and even our dog was noticeably happier.

Sharmayne was amazing at guiding me through sleep training.  She was so kind and friendly over the phone and she was always encouraging and informative.  Her sleep plan was perfectly laid out and she was always able to answer every question that I had for her.

One thing I really appreciated throughout the sleep training process was having Sharmayne there for support.  Sleep training is hard and there were times I questioned if I could even do it.  Being able to contact Sharmayne about how everything was going on a daily basis was huge in giving me confidence and helping me through sleep training.

I could keep going because honestly sleep training Abby changed our lives in such a positive way.  And if it wasn’t for Sharmayne, I would still be an exhausted stressed out mom with a tired household and a less happy baby.  So thank you Sharmayne!!!