Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can not say thank you enough times to my consultant Barbara Henderson with SleepwellBaby for bringing me the gift of sleep for my entire family.

Sleep well baby along with personal guidance from barb assisted me in getting my six month old from hourly wakings and feelings to 11-12 hours of sleep a night. What I did not expect was how much I would personally learn during this sleep program.

From continuous support and validation from Barb I was successful in helping my baby learn the skill of falling asleep on his own.

After reading books, articles, researching the internet I finally reached out to a friend for some tips on sleep training. Within minutes she messaged me back and said call sleep well baby and in big bold letters she wrote LIFE CHANGING! I was in a place of complete exhaustion and feeling like I needed to do something!!!! ANYTHING !!!! So I made the call.

After completing the program I can say the same thing. Sleep Well has given me tools and the confidence to move forward and it was LIFE CHANGING. My baby is hitting milestones unbelievably fast which I contribute to great sleep as well as I feel I have been able to spend time with my spouse instead of going to bed early every night due to sleep deprivation.

My husband and I are both educators so having the education behind this and eliminating all the questions that come up on a daily basis was instrumental in the support provided by Barb. Books are informative but they do not compare to having personal one on one daily feedback specific to my child.

I will be recommending Sleep Well baby without hesitation. This is by far the Best investment I have ever made. I would give my baby anything in the world and seeing how much more rested and happy he is I couldn’t be more thrilled and proud.
Thank you again for this experience and making it a positive one for my family.