Audrey McCoy worked with me last year around this time to get Cooper and Tessa sleeping through the night. It is amazing the difference a year makes! Not only did she change our lives, I learned so much about sleep habits and starting the kids off right! I will be forever grateful – here is your chance to let Audrey change your life as well! Good luck!

As a single mother of twins, I was exhausted! My 14-month-old twins were not sleeping through the night – multiple wakings a night, either one or the other… Our bedtime “routine,” for my daughter, could last 2 – 2 1/2 hours. Cue meeting Audrey. She took the time to get to know us, our current situation and came up with two detailed plans of action. After thoroughly discussing them, I chose the best option for my family.  Audrey guided me and answered all of my questions.  While she cautioned me that it could take time, my kids were sleeping through the night by night three, with the process of putting them to bed seamless and easy!  With Audrey’s help, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was exhausted!  My kid’s appetites and overall attitude saw an immediate improvement.  It is amazing to me that it has been a year since Audrey changed our lives! She gave me the tools to improve their sleep AND mine.  We are forever grateful!”