Going into this, our situation was not dire. Oliver did not have many sleep aids, we had not gotten deep into “bad” habits, but as he was having more issues falling (back) asleep on his own, I could picture where we were headed. Having a few weeks with a handful of night wakings, increasing feedings, and lack of sleep was all it took to know that it was time for action. Aside from being tired during the day, the time I was spending analyzing the issue, trying to determine solutions, and in general fretting about our sleep difficulties was a problem.

While reading several books on infant sleep and sleep training, the information, the changes and causes, were clear. It was the solution that was confusing, what’s the best approach? How much time will it take me to develop an appropriate sleep plan? What if it doesn’t work? Bottom line, I wanted to do something that would be effective and efficient. I knew it would not be a fun process and wanted to make sure we did it right the first time to minimize the impact on everyone, especially Oliver.

Engaging SleepWell Baby and Kelsey was the best thing that we’ve done since having Oliver, taking the guess work out of sleep training and providing much needed “hand holding.” The plan we developed worked like a charm. Tuning Ollie’s sleep environment went a long way, but it was so nice to have a procedure laid out for us, and all we had to do was follow the rules. Ollie responded so quickly, it was like a miracle! I never would have thought that we’d go from nights of seemingly endless wake ups to a single waking for feeding in a matter of days. Not to mention the independent naps!

We got to put the plan to the test when we went on vacation immediately following the two week period. Oliver did great! With the plan we were able to quickly re-establish nighttime sleep and naps with minimal disruption. There will always be ups and downs while learning something new, and it was so nice to feel confident in our approach. Overall the experience was great,  working with Kelsey was great, and we continue to marvel on a daily basis at Ollie’s amazing night sleeping. Thank you so much SleepWell and especially Kelsey for allowing us to sleep well, and freeing up our time for more fun endeavors! I have been touting SleepWell’s services to anyone who’ll listen!