Our daughter, Sofia, was 6 months when we contacted Alysa at SleepWell. Sofia was a co-sleeping, 15 minute napping baby who was on our schedule, up until 9, sometimes 10, p.m. and would sleep for up to 12 hours. It seemed great at the time, we were on cloud 9 we got sleep. However, as she approached 6 months it had taken its toll on us and we were desperate for structure!
Alysa approached our situation with confidence and gave us important insight into the science behind babies and their sleep needs. We immediately implemented the SleepWell method and it was on just Day 4 we met all of our goals ! We couldn’t believe the transformation. Sofia immediately began sleeping through the nights, napping for up to 1.5 hours (sometimes 2) twice a day and like clockwork gave us the cue she was ready for bedtime.
We noticed a significant change in Sofia’s moods; she was happier, more focused and a much more confident baby. Her confidence translated to her sleeping skills and also
gave Mom and Dad the confidence too.
Alysa and the SleepWell method has given us the structure we so desperately needed, and most importantly a happy and well rested baby! We cannot thank her enough!