Our daughter Heidi was always a “good sleeper” until she was about 3.5 months old. At that point she stopped sleeping anywhere and would only sleep in her bassinet at home, and the 5 hour stretch of sleep she was usually getting at night reduced down to 2 or 3 hours. We expected this change to be temporary but it persisted for months. At around 6.5 months Heidi’s night wakings were still every 2 or 3 hours, but she wouldn’t eat well, only comfort nurse.

Around that time we started to look for help with her sleep. I read a lot of online resources but was having trouble putting the plans into action on my own and deciding what to do. Heidi was already falling asleep on her own in her crib, and that seemed to be what all of the resources said would fix every problem. 

A friend suggested SleepWell Baby and we were paired up with Carolyn. She was wonderful through the whole process. Carolyn suggested a schedule to help make Heidi’s naps more predictable and to have bedtime be consistent. She went over a few options for how to deal with Heidi’s night wakings, some more gentle and some more firm, and suggested the one that she thought would work the best.

We started implementing the plan right as Heidi turned 7 months old and it went very well. The first night waking was hard for me, but she only cried for 8 minutes and then fell back to sleep on her own. The first two nights each had a bit of crying but that was it! The third night she slept for 11 hours straight. She continued to have 11-12 hour straight sleeps until the 5th and 6th nights when she had a bit of a regression and had a couple night wake ups. Carolyn prepped us to watch out for a regression around this time, so we weren’t phased by it at all, and by the 7th night she was back to her new usual 11-12 hours of sleep.

Having a third person in the process really helped my partner and I both really commit to everything. I think if we would have tried to implement a similar plan ourselves we would have been less successful because it would have been easier to slide back and not be consistent enough.

Carolyn also went over many other sleep scenarios with us, like travelling, babysitters, sicknesses, and future nap transitions so we feel like we have the tools to help Heidi have great sleep for month to come!