We first connected with SleepwellBaby when our daughter (now 3) was 6 months old. The experience changed our lives; we knew we would never have to feel alone with the struggle of sleep again. Our second child Jamie was born and despite our best efforts, we struggled with his sleep as well. Born with severe reflux and constant discomfort, we relied on sleep aids like a soother & rocking to help him sleep. None of which were long-term solutions.

We considered using the same sleep plan we had learnt with our daughter, but realized no two kiddos are ever the same and thought it would be worth a call to Sleep Well.

From the moment we re-connected with Sleep Well we felt a tremendous sense of relief & optimism that our family would soon be resting well again. We quickly realized how beneficial it would be to make Jamie his own, unique plan. With the help of our amazing consultant Kelsey & a strong determination to stick to our sleep plan, Jamie learnt to sleep. Although we felt confident from our first experience, Kelsey’s expertise, patience & support once again blew us away.

We will never be able to thank Sleep Well enough for the gift of sleep and quality of life they have given to our family.