My husband and I have a two and a half year old son and a four month old baby. We thought the sleep issues would come with the new baby, but we were wrong. Our toddler was giving us the grief. He had been an amazing sleeper as a baby because of the help of SleepWell baby, but after having our new baby, he began to wake at night and started to put up a fight going to bed. We had tried putting a plan in motion on our own and everything just seemed to be getting worse. He was fighting until around 9 or 10 at night until he would actually go to sleep and then would wake every hour to two hours whining throughout the night. Not the way we had envisioned things to be going at his age for sure. My husband and I eventually swallowed our pride and decided to give SleepWell baby a call. We were set up to work with Teresa and she was amazing! We had our initial phone call to discuss what had been going on and then she put together a plan for us. Because of what we had tried on our own we had hesitations about a couple things and Teresa was so supportive and created a plan that was great for our family. We started right away and even on night one there was a significant change. By the third night our son was going to sleep nice and early as he had before, and all without a fight. We had our happy, rested, little boy back and we too were able to get our evenings and sleep back. In the following weeks as I had questions, Teresa was always there to answer. Such a fantastic company to work with and we are so grateful for their help!