I am one of those who considered calling many times before I finally made the call to Sleepwell baby, but I am so glad I finally did!  When I called, I was up with my baby every hour or two during the night and she could not go to sleep on her own!  Now, I am very happy to report that we have a baby who reliably goes to sleep when she should, on her own in her crib, and sleeps through the night!  What a relief!!!  Barbara guided us through the process of teaching our daughter how to sleep and she was very supportive and encouraging.  I learned a great deal from her in our first call and throughout the two weeks.  She helped us through the tough moments to pinpoint what could be going wrong and determine what to do next and we celebrated successes and steps forward together.  I now feel prepared for some of the changes and tricky moments that will come as our daughter grows up (i.e. travel, cutting back from two naps to one). Most importantly, my daughter (and therefore our whole family) has been sleeping really well for the last few weeks!