Cohen was an awesome sleeper around the 2-3 month stage. However, once he hit the 4 month mark his sleep started to regress and got worse and worse. By 6 months we were waking up 10 times a night to rock, feed, soothe him back to sleep! As well, Cohen had reflux and refused to take a bottle unless he was sleeping or falling asleep. I was sure that there was no hope to solving our sleep deprivation. People kept telling us “It will get better, his sleep will improve,” or “It’s just a phase.” I am so happy that we never listened to them!

We both agree that SleepwellBaby was the best decision we could have ever made for our family.  Within 2 days Cohen was sleeping 12 hours a night (with some brief awakenings), drinking his bottle awake, and becoming an all around happier baby. My husband and I finally had time for each other and appreciated our time with Cohen so much more because we weren’t so sleep deprived!

Teresa, our consultant, is so awesome. She’s patient and understanding and made things so simple for us to follow. I e-mailed her with loads of questions throughout the process and she was always quick with a response and helpful tips and solutions. 

I was so hesitant to seek professional help with Cohen’s sleep issues because I was worried what people would think and mostly worried that it wouldn’t work. Now I know that I had nothing to worry about!  We have our lives back and are fully enjoying being first time parents.

I cannot thank Teresa and SleepwellBaby enough!