My name is Nicolette and my husband, Erik, and I are new parents to a beautiful baby girl named Wyndsor. We recently finished our sleep training experience with Sharmayne and it took me a while to write this testimonial because I truly have too many AMAZING things to say so I wanted to take my time and do it justice!

For the most part, we were lucky new parents as Wyndsor was a good sleeper right from the start. However, we started to hit some rough patches when she was about 2 months old. She HATED bedtime. Once she finally fell asleep and stayed asleep, she would sleep for the rest of the night – but it was getting to that point that was the challenge. We were spending our entire evenings taking turns putting her back to sleep, going back and forth into her room to rock her or I would nurse her, only to have her wake back up 2 minutes later. We would eventually give in around 10-11pm (or sometimes later!) and bring her into our bed where she would officially fall asleep and then snooze the rest of the night. This continued for almost a month, and then she started regressing further and began waking up in the night 1-2 times. She was clearly not getting the sleep she needed, and we were getting frustrated. By this point, Wyndsor was 3 and 1/2 months old and we knew that she was ready for sleep training (as were we!). We chose to reach out to a sleep coach because we wanted to know that we would be going about this in the “best” way possible in order to quickly achieve success. I, as a new mom, especially felt more comfortable having a professional to consult with rather than attempting to do it on our own (knowing that I would likely second guess myself the entire time!).


Sharmayne asked us right off the hop what goals we wanted to achieve by utilizing her sleep expertise. We didn’t have to think hard: get our baby girl the right amount of sleep that her growing mind/body needs, and give us our evenings/nights, as well as our bed back!

We chose the Sleepwell Sway program. Sharmayne provided us with a very thorough sleep plan that we had discussed in detail beforehand so we both felt confident and comfortable with our mission and how we were going to go about it. The first night was the hardest – she cried… I cried… it wasn’t fun. But we knew it would be worth it for our entire family so we stuck it out. And my goodness, was it ever worth it. By just the third night, it only took her ten minutes of on/off crying before falling fast asleep. On the fourth night, she fell asleep within five minutes – and slept for 12 HOURS STRAIGHT. She continued to occasionally sleep straight through the night, but most nights she would wake up once for a quick feed (but never more than once) and go right back to sleep. Her naps were going just as well. She had become a well-rested babe, and would quickly settle into sleep for a nice long nap, then wake up smiling and happy!

Sharmayne was right there for us, every step of the way providing suggestions and support. I knew that she was truly rooting for Wyndsor and our sleep goals, so it was easy to trust her and her recommendations. It was so comforting to know that we had an “expert” on our side!

Precisely seventeen days into our sleep training endeavour, Wyndsor dropped her night feed on her own and began sleeping 13-14 hours straight EVERY night. I’m not kidding, you guys. To top it all off, she absolutely rocks her naps, often snoozing away for 3 hours at a time. I almost don’t know what do with all of my “free time!”. There were of course some ups and downs and I know that there will continue to be new challenges that will arise, but we are so incredibly grateful that Sharmayne has helped us give our baby girl the tools she needs to help get us through those challenges.

I once joked to Sharmayne that her new job title should be “magical sleep training goddess”, but I’m pretty serious. There are no words to express how HAPPY we are to know that our daughter is getting all the sleep that she needs – which has in turn given us the freedom of having our evenings and nights back. We honestly believe that this was the best thing that we could have done, not only just for Wyndsor but for our entire family.

Thank you!!!