After 21 months of a handful of full nights sleep my husband and I were really starting to notice the sleep deprivation our family was experiencing. My son was was waking 2-4 times a night we had tried numerous methods to sleep training none of them seemed to work finally we turned to Sleepwell, one of my first questions was can they help a toddler and I almost cried when they said YES. I immediately was paired with Alicia who had our first call at 8pm on a Sunday which is AMAZING customer service. We got our plan started a few days later, within 3 days we were in a great rhythm and he was sleeping through the night РI was shocked because he is a strong child resistant to change. The methods we were given in our plan, that suited our parenting style, were amazing and worked! We now have a great sleeper and our family is all happier and healthier thanks to Alicia and Sleepwell Baby. Thank you!