We now have a little one that sleeps! My husband and I had been to a sleep workshop for tired parents, read a book on how to get your baby to sleep, asked friends and family for advice – but the only thing that helped us was Alicia at SleepWell Baby.  We really couldn’t have done it without her.  Our little one was waking up from his nap every 45 min (if he took one at all) and his night time sleep was terrible! We were exhausted and needed a solution. Now he sleeps 11 hours at night and naps twice a day! I really didn’t think it was possible.  Alicia reassured us it was, and that babies need sleep!  And that parents need sleep too!  We were hesitant to spend the money at first (broke on mat leave anyone?) but we are very happy we did.  Having someone to listen, teach you tips, tricks and timelines will be well worth your money.  Thanks Alicia!