Our son Jonah was 10.5 months old when he did the sleep training. We were afraid he had already “missed the boat” in developing good sleeping habits, but was confident that with some guidance, he could still foster good sleeping skills. The structured, detailed and easy-to-follow sleep plan was a source of relief for me right from the start. There was a knowledgeable person I could trust who would give me her full support every step of the way. This, ultimately, is what reading books or other sources of information don’t provide — there is no one to turn to when that specific question arises in that specific situation. We were able to learn not only how to handle sleep at home and in the short term, but beyond that, to carry these skills to situations that will arise such as travel, illness and other milestones.  It’s reassuring to know that Jessica, our sleep consultant, continues to be there should we need her continued support. We’ve been lucky to have done this. Now Jonah and us are becoming more and more well rested.  He can settle on his own and know that we will be there for him after a good sleep.