Let’s just say we were not sleeping and it had been over six months! I think we used every excuse in the book; maybe our baby is teething, maybe we are travelling too much, maybe my baby just doesn’t need that much sleep? The list went on and it seemed like we tried everything from co-sleeping to letting him cry it out, sometimes for two hours at a time! Our little guy would wake up every 1-2 hours a night and the only thing that could get him back to sleep would be if I breastfed him. When my little boy was sleeping, I would often lie awake counting down the minutes until I had to get up again. I needed help and I did not want to have to read another sleep book just to have it fail again. I didn’t have that kind of time. I was going back to work in one month! I was getting tired of everyone’s advice, even though I had welcomed it with open arms in the beginning. Nothing seemed to be working. I needed a long-term solution instead of a quick fix and I needed it as soon as possible! That is when I found the SleepWell Baby website. Within 24 hours I was on the phone for my 15 minute free consult, I purchased their S.O.S. Program and got connected with Jessica Raymond. It was worth every penny! Jessica did wonders for our family. After our 90 minute Skype date, I knew we had found our solution. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt hope for the first time in six months! Within two days of implementing the program, our little boy was sleeping through the night! I could not believe it! We were sleeping (FINALLY!) and we were sleeping through the night, every single night! I had time for myself again and quiet time alone with my husband. It has been almost two months now since we started the program and our little guy is still sleeping without any difficulties. He rarely cries now at bedtime and when I place him in his crib he lays himself down. Over these past two months we have moved, been hit by nasty colds, and have adjusted to Mommy’s shift work and my baby is still sleeping through the night with no issues! It’s been incredible! I cannot say enough good things about SleepWell Baby. They are non-judgmental, encouraging and are there every step of the way to trouble-shoot and help you solve your sleep problems. They also take into consideration your parenting styles, your little one’s personality and everything else that makes your family unique! I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling getting or keeping their baby asleep. Jessica Raymond told me that when this process was over I would look back and think “Wow! What we were doing was insane!” And she was right! I cannot believe I was convinced that an extreme lack of sleep was “normal” after having a baby. It doesn’t have to be that way. Jessica taught me that there is a science to sleep. She has equipped me with the skills and tools that I need to teach my baby how to sleep through the night, both for now and for many more years to come.