Before working with Audrey & SleepWell baby, our family of 5 was being woken up 5-6 times a night; my husband and I had not had a restful or adequate sleep in over 6 months. My husband’s days at work and my days at home with three kids were being performed by a couple of zombies, not well-rested and available parents!! However, my misinformed mommy guilt kept me giving in to the protests of our 6-month-old, and none of us had the sleep we needed.

Within 2 nights of working with Audrey, our little one had gone from 5-6 wakings in a 10 hour period, to 1 feed/waking in 12 hours. After 5 days, we had our evenings back – instead of my being held ransom in the rocking chair with a restless baby every night, we were playing games and hanging out as a family, and our little one was getting the sleep she needed! Her awake times were much happier, and teething was also much easier on her. I realized that all my talking and rocking and “attending” to her in the night was actually overstimulating her and that I was at the root of much of her sleep problems. We found that our education about sleep and how detrimental it was for us and our baby to not have the proper rest we needed – THIS was what gave us the strength to be consistent, and not give in to our parent guilt or wrong ideas about babies and crying.

Our little one now has 2 scheduled naps a day, sleeps 12-13 hours with only 1 waking, and is so much happier and more content that we just realized her 2 top teeth had come in with little more than 1 extra waking the night before!! You owe it to your baby, your marriage, your own sanity – get Sleepwell baby, get educated, and GET SOME SLEEP!!

It is worth every. single. penny.


– Melissa